About Me

Hello my name is Antony and this is my company website (ArezSoft), This page is devoted to me and my life, so here we go this is my full bio, I have been interested in computers and web design, programming etc.. for many years now (2-3+), I just find it very interesting and fun to do in my spare time. I don't quite now why I have decided to starting programming and doing web design at the age usually 20-30 years olds start doing what I am doing, I just think if I am able to do something why not do it ? I have been programming in VB.NET for about 4 years now and I have developed many applications for people, and developed applications for myself. at present I am studying in a 6th form at St Richard Gwyn High School, in Flint, I take 3 subjects, IT, Art, and Business. I have finished all the courses now, I am just waiting for my results. When it comes to friends, there's just so many I can't list, so I definitely aren't going to name all of them and I'm not going to name just one or two either because that's unfair on the rest of my friends. as you can tell by my website I love computers, currently I have a Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHZ Processor Socket 478 512kb Level1 Cache, 1024Mb DDR PC2700 RAM, 80gb Maxtor Hard drive 7200RPM, ATI 9600XT 128mb Graphics card, and a DVD-RW drive. I built the system myself using my one of many talents. its not exactly the best Computer in the world but it does me and I don't play many high end games on my system so I have no need for anything better, I am really looking forward to this summer it should be great going out enjoying myself, so unfortunately there wont be that many developments to ArezSoft :-( but dont worrie I will still continue to program the software and enhance just I want to enjoy the summer too lol :-)  anyways I hope you have enjoyed reading about my life, all the best Antony Paul Jones.